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Dress Rehearsal: How it works!

Location: Jenkintown High School Auditorium (250 West Ave, Jenkintown, PA 19046)


Dancers should arrive dressed in their full costume (including dance shoes) at their designated time slot.  Dancers in multiple classes should wear the first costume on the schedule and bring the rest to the theater to change into.   Please refer to Dress Rehearsal Schedule for your dancers arrival time: 


Dancers will sit with their families in the labeled seats in the auditorium.


Teachers will call each class to the stage to practice their dance.


Once your dancer is finished practicing all of their dances you are free to leave the rehearsal or you may remain in the theater and watch the rest of the dances with your dancer.  Parents must supervise their dancer if they are staying to watch.  On recital day dancers remain backstage and will not be able to watch the show.


Parking for dress rehearsal is available at the staff parking lot in the rear of the elementary school or on the street throughput the neighborhood.  Please read the parking information below.  



Recital: How it works!

Location: Jenkintown High School Auditorium (250 West Ave, Jenkintown, PA 19046)


Dancers arrive 30 minutes before showtime dressed in their full costume including dance shoes.


Dancers report to the backstage area by going down the hallway to the left of the ticket table.


All classes are divided into 2 dressing rooms.  Staff will be there to help you find your dancers dressing room.


Dancers need to be checked in with the caregiver for each dressing room.  Caregivers will check your cell phone number in case we need to reach you during the show. 


Dancers remain backstage for the duration of the performance and will be dismissed after the full studio finale at the end of show.  Parents are not permitted backstage except to help with costume changes.


At the end of show 1 parent should go to the backstage dressing rooms to sign their dancer out of the dressing room.  Please be patient during dismissal. 


Please label all shoes or other belongings.  It is strongly recommended to bring as little stuff as possible backstage.  


If your dancer is older and permitted to check themselves into the backstage area please email the studio with your dancers name, dancer cell (if they have one), parents name, and parents cell.



There are 3 recommended areas for parking

  1. The Staff Parking Lot : Located in the rear of the elementary school.  The best address to find the staff lot is 325 Highland Ave.  From this lot, the theater can be accessed by walking around the building or walking through the Elementary school.  There will be signs along the way if you are walking through the building.  

  2. On street parking on West Ave:  The boro has approved parking on both sides of the street on the 200 & 300 black of West Ave in front of the schools on recital day. West Ave will be one way toward the train station for the day.  Big thanks to the Jenkintown Police Dept & Jenkintown Boro for this accommodation!  This is not available for the dress rehearsal. 

  3. On street parking through the neighborhood:  Street parking is also available throughout the neighborhood.  Florence Ave, Hillside Ave & West Ave toward the train station are usually good options.  


Wheelchair Access:

Please email the studio if you have an audience member attending recital in a wheelchair for special instructions.  


Helpful tips for a great recital!


Be prepared!  Check all of your dancers attire, tights, shoes etc.  Make sure you have the supplies to style their hair ahead of time (bobby pins, hair ties, bun makers, hairspray etc)


Leave plenty of time! Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the show and find parking.  In the past some families have 1 parent take their dancer to the theater to check in while the other finds parking.


Stay calm!  Your energy can impact your dancer.  Young dancers already feel nervous.  If you seem stressed they can get stressed.

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Show!!!!!


Costume Notes:  Please double check your dancers tights & shoe requirements.  We had lots of dancers in the wrong tights on picture day.  Check you dancers tap shoes for stickers!


Recital Zoom:  Miss Chrissie will be hosting a zoom this Sunday 6/11 at 6:00 pm.  If you have any questions please jump on the zoom to get them answered!

Zoom Info: 

Meeting ID: 362 940 7383 

No password



Additional information is coming out to you soon!  Keep an eye on your emails!

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