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Where to Go!

JDA’s new location is at 827 Glenside Ave, Wyncote, PA 19095.  Make sure to enter the complex from Glenside Ave.  When you enter the parking lot, drive straight ahead to the brick building with 827 on it.  The entrance to JDA is around the right hand side of the brick building.  When you enter the building the door to JDA is through the double doors and on your left.  Parking is available throughout the lot and in the unlikely event that the lot is full overflow parking is available on the across Glenside Ave.  If you need help please call 215-500-9261.  

What to Wear! What to Bring! -  All dancers are asked wear appropriate dance wear and shoes to all lessons.  Please refer to the studio policy page for detailed dress code information.  Please bring a water bottle.  


Ballet/Tap/Gym - We are a ready to fill up those prop bags with some new fun props for the Fall Session.  If you are a returning students, please bring your empty bag the first week.  Bags will be passed out to new students during classes this week.   The prop fee will be posted on 9/1 for the fall session.  

Performance Information:  

  • JDA will host a winter showcase at the end of session which is tentatively scheduled for 12/9 at Gratz College.  There will be 2 performances.  Each class has been tentatively assigned a show time.  The assigned show is listed in the description for each class.  Tickets are required for all audience members.  Tickets are not required for dancers. 



  • Dancers participating in the performance are required to purchase performance attire ($35)

Fall Tuition: 

  • 1 Payment of $270 for the entire fall session.  Payment arrangements can be made for dancers in multiple classes.  


Class Placements:  

  • We generally recommend that dancers follow the age guidelines when registering for class.  If you have any questions about class placements or if your need any help selecting a class for your dancer please email the studio.  Occasionally instructors will recommend that a particular student move to a class level that is outside of the recommended age bracket.  We will reach out to those students directly and make recommendations.  Additionally, if you register for a class that doesn’t seem to be the best fit for your dancer we will email you after registration and discuss our recommendations.   

  • If you have any questions about class placements it is best to email the studio at  



Session Dates:  Saturday 9/9 - Friday 12/22


Halloween Closed: Tuesday 10/31


Thanksgiving Break:  Closed 11/20 - 11/26 except open Tuesday 11/21 for a makeup from Halloween.


Winter Showcase:  Saturday 12/9 (No Saturday Classes). Classes continue for 2 weeks after the Winter Showcase.





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