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Winter Wonderland Showcase

Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Friday 12/8 at Gratz College

7605 Old York, Melrose Park, Pa 19027 

Please arrive on time and dressed in your showcase costume

Please refer to the schedule below for your dancers arrival time.  You may leave once your dancer has finished all of their dances or you are welcome to watch with your dancer in the audience.  When you arrive please sit in the audience with your child. We will label the auditorium seats to organize the dancers according to their class.

4:45 pm - Arrival Time 

Drummer Boy-  JDA Senior Youth Company 

Round and Round- JDA Junior Youth Company 

Dedicated to the Ones I Love- Pre-Teen/Teen Contemporary

Brave- Fight & Fright Senior 

Heros- Fight & Fright Juniors 


5:00 pm - Arrival Time 

Toyland- Tiny Dancers- Tuesday 4pm- Miss Chrissie (Ballet Shoes)

Toyland- Tiny Dancers- Sunday 11am- Miss Stephanie  (Ballet Shoes)

Jingle Bell Rock- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Monday 5pm- Mr Josh (Tap Shoes)

Jingle Bell Rock- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Wednesday 4pm- Mr Josh  (Tap Shoes)

Frosty the Snowman- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Tuesday 5pm- Miss Chrissie  (Tap Shoes)

Do You Want to Build a Snowman- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Thursday 5pm- Miss Beth (Ballet Shoes)

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Saturday 9am- Mr Josh  (Tap Shoes)

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Saturday 10am- Mr Josh  (Tap Shoes)

Jingle Bells- Feanah Tap- Tuesday 4pm- Mr Josh


5:30pm - Arrival Time 

Peace & Joy- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Saturday 9am - Miss Chrissie (Ballet Shoes)

Winterchime- Ballet/Tap/Gym- Sunday 10am- Miss Stephanie (Ballet Shoes)

Greatest Time of Year- Ballet/Tap/Jazz- Monday 4pm- Miss Stephanie (Ballet Shoes)

You Make it Feel like Christmas- Ballet/Tap/Jazz- Tuesday 6pm- Mr Josh  (Tap Shoes)

Best Time of the Year- Ballet/Tap/Jazz- Wednesday 6pm- Miss Chrissie (Ballet Shoes)

When We’re Together- Ballet/Tap/Jazz- Saturday 10am- Miss Chrissie (Ballet Shoes)

6pm- Arrival Time 

This Year- Ballet/Tap/Jazz- Saturday 11am- Miss Chrissie (Ballet Shoes)

Blue Skies - Musical Theater- Monday 7pm- Mr Josh

Happy Holidays- Musical Theater- Friday 5pm- Miss Anne Margret

3 Minutes Til New Years- Intro to Hip Hop- Tuesday 5pm- Mr Josh

Christmas in Hollis- Intro to Hip Hop- Wednesday 5pm- Mr Josh 

Santa Clause is Coming to Town- Hip Hop 1- Wednesday 6pm- Mr Josh

6:30 pm- Arrival Time 

Joy to the World- Acro/Jazz- Thursday 5pm- Miss Stephanie 

Hot Chocolate- Intro to Acro- Thursday 4pm- Miss Stephanie

Jingle Bells- Ballet/Jazz- Wednesday 5pm- Miss Chrissie 

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Ballet/Lyrical 1- Tuesday 6pm- Miss Kelli 

Up on the Housetop- Hip Hop 2- Wednesday 7pm- Mr Josh

Winter Song- Ballet/Lyrical 2- Tuesday 7pm- Miss Kelli

Douglas Mountain- Ballet/Lyrical 1&2- Thursday 6pm- Miss Beth


7:00 pm- Arrival Time 

Snowflakes- JDA Youth Company Minis

Let it Snow- JDA Youth Company Petites 

Together in This- Mini and Petite Youth Company Fight & Fright 


FOR THE SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE please arrive on time and dressed in your costume.  Dancers are to report directly to their assigned classrooms, company dancers report backstage & Tiny Dancers should sit with their family in the audience.  Please label all costume pieces, shoes, and any other belongings.  The less belongings your child brings backstage the better!  Parents are not permitted backstage during the recital except for costume changes.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the rehearsal please email the studio at

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