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Dress Rehearsal Location

Friday 6/16 at Jenkintown High School

250 West Ave, Jenkintown, PA 19046


Please arrive on time and dressed in your recital costume

PARKING:  Parking is available at the staff parking located in the rear of the building or throughout the neighborhood.


Please refer to the schedule below for your dancers arrival time.  You may leave once your dancer has finished all of their dances or you are welcome to watch with your dancer in the audience.  When you arrive please sit in the audience with your child. We will label the auditorium seats to organize the dancers according to their class. Dancers in multiple classes will receive additional instructions. 


5:00 pm - Time Block 1

Monday- 4pm Ballet/Tap/Gym

Tuesday- 5pm Ballet/Tap/Gym (Miss Abby)

Tuesday- 5pm Ballet/Tap/Gym (Miss Chrissie)

Thursday- 5pm Ballet/Tap/Gym

Saturday- 9am Ballet/Tap/Gym (Mr. Josh)

Saturday - 9am Ballet/Tap/Gym (Miss Chrissie)

Saturday- 10am Ballet/Tap/Gym (Mr. Josh)


5:30pm - Time Block 2

Tuesday- 6pm Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Wednesday- 5pm Ballet/Jazz

Wednesday- 5pm Intro to Hip Hop

Wednesday- 6pm Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Thursday- 4pm Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Thursday- 4pm Intro to Acro 

Saturday- 10am Ballet/Tap/Jazz (MIss Chrissie)

Saturday- 11am Ballet/Tap/Jazz


6pm- Time Block 3

Tuesday- 6pm Ballet/Lyrical 1

Tuesday- 7pm Ballet/Lyrical 2

Tuesday- 7pm Jazz/Hip Hop 1

Wednesday- 6pm Hip Hop 1

Wednesday- 7pm Hip Hop 2

Thursday- 5pm Acro/Jazz

Friday- 5pm Musical Theater

Tuesday- 4pm Tap (Feanah)


6:30 pm- Time Block 4

All Youth companies and The Wizard of Oz Production 

FOR THE RECITAL please arrive on time and dressed in your costume.  Dancers are to report directly backstage. Please label all costume pieces, shoes, and any other belongings.  The less belongings your child brings backstage the better! At the end of the recital dancers will perform the finale dance, receive their recital ribbon,  and then they will be dismissed from their backstage dressing rooms.  Parents are not permitted backstage during the recital. 

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