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What do I need to know? FLASH MOB MOVED TO SUNDAY 


When and where?  The Flash Mob is now scheduled for 2:00 PM on Saturday 12/4 in Jenkintown Town Square.

Dancers that wish to participate should be at the Holiday Market in town square by 2:00 pm.  JDA's Youth Company should meet at the studio at 1:30 pm. We are going to play Jingle Bell Rock right before Run,Run,Rudolf as a "get ready" song


What Dance? We are learning a fun dance this week to Run, Run, Rudolf.  A practice video is also be available on YouTube.


Who's Dancing?  We are inviting all of the dancers in the studio and grown ups can join too.   The best Flash Mobs are with LOTS of people.


What to Wear?  Please wear you black superhero fall recital sweatshirt, black pants, and any holiday accessories. Santa hats, red scarves, reindeer ears etc… Grown ups can wear any attire preferably in black and red.

How does it work?  Pretend you're shopping or just hanging out at the Holiday Market.  When the Run, Run Rudolf song begins run out into the center of town square and join the dance.  Your JDA teachers and JDA's Youth Company will be there to lead you in the holiday fun!  Grown ups can help their dancer's by listening carefully for the music to begin.  



Run, Run, Rudolf - TUTORIAL

Run, Run, Rudolf - DANCE WITH MUSIC

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