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Jenkintown Arts Garage


The Jenkintown Arts Garage (aka the "JAG") is the brainchild of Miss Chrissie Emma and Stephen Tolton. After partnering in 2018, the dynamic duo dabbled in organizing a variety of music and dance collaborative events they called "Happenings," that centered on interesting pairings of local musicians with dancers, hosted at Jenkintown Dance Arts. In the fall of 2020, an opportunity arose for the partners in crime to create a dedicated space where they could expand upon and iterate on their ideas. Through the Jenkintown Arts Garage, Miss Chrissie and Steve seek to support the local arts communities through events, classes, and workshops as well as exploring the limits of combining digital arcana with live art to create unique experiences.

You can follow Miss Chrissie and Steve's adventures in Jenkintown and beyond along with a variety of interesting guests from the worlds of music, dance, technology, and more on their podcast, "Partners in Crime in the 19046" at

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